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4 Tips for Entrepreneurs To Survive In The Wost Situation

“Will my business make it to the top?” –  As entrepreneurs this is a common question that makes our head rattle time after time. Most of us have failed to keep up with our competitors and consequently it has taken all our efforts straight down the drain. To keep up in the market it takes […]

Simple Tricks to Get the Best Out Of Your Employees

One common question that pops up in every entrepreneur’s head is, How to get the best out of my employees without throwing big bucks? Indeed if you have enough budgets to allocate on employee benefits, you will motivate them to do better in upcoming days. Besides that, you will also derive loyalty and build goodwill […]


In context of our country, when it comes to handling local business we don’t pay much attention to social media. Most of us consider tradition aspect and follow things that are being continued over the generation. The classical approach might be working well for most of us, but if we want to reach a new […]

Happy International Programmer’s Day

Every once in a while, a revolutionary products comes along that changes everything and all the credit goes to versatile group of people commonly known to us as “Programmers”. It’s because of their dedication that we have stepped into this global era of technology. Every year on 7th January, International Programmer’s Day is celebrated throughout […]

Making a Difference: One Bucket at a Time

While the rest of the world is making a difference for ALS patients by emptying a bucket full of ice water on themselves, Nepal is busy filling buckets with some of the most basic needs to support the thousands of flood victims in far west Nepal. Pebble Infotech joined in the Fill the Bucket challenge […]


Hard to get, Harder to keep; the queen of e-commerce business—Conversion rates. What do I do to increase my conversion rates? What are the tips for a better conversion rate? How can an e-commerce website’s conversion rates be doubled overnight? Well, have you, as an e-commerce business person ever had these questions? If yes, then […]

Importance of Social Media in Business

Share, Tweet, Pin, Update — are just a few words without which our day to day activity seems incomplete because, we are so absorbed in Social Networking. With the much in demand social networking site facebook, micro blogging medium Twitter, a social circle Google+, business oriented social service LinkedIn, video sharing site Youtube, photo and […]

Email Click-Through Rates

An email click-through rate, simply defined is the number of recipients who clicked one or more links in an email and landed on the sender’s website, blog, or other desired destination represent the number of clicks that your email generated. There are two different types of click-through rates, as well as an additional click-to-open rate […]


Mobile Apps and E-Commerce The mobile app revolution is simply wonderful. Which merchant in the world would have thought that internet and mobile phones or tablets can compress their entire store and make it available at their customer’s palm? Still sounds pretty fascinating, doesn’t it? But if you have been sitting at the shore looking […]

Building a powerful Twitter presence

  Twitter where it matters; building a powerful Twitter presence Today, social networking sites are synonymous to internet. And one could possibly let the little blue birdie pass over their heads when thinking of how effortlessly a social networking site can infiltrate our lives. Right from the movies we watch to the political parties we […]

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